DARIAH Ireland (DARIAH-IE) strives to foster and strengthen excellence in arts and humanities research and scholarship in Ireland. Through the promotion of digital arts and humanities projects, tools and best practices, DARIAH-IE works to ensure the sustainability of existing knowledge and the development and discovery of new ideas. As one of the 15 founding member countries of the pan-European Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities (DARIAH-EU), DARIAH-IE is a part of a larger, trans-national research community committed to open access information and freely shared results and innovations.

DARIAH Ireland is represented within the European community by the Irish Research Council (IRC). The IRC devolves day-to-day coordination of DARIAH-IE’s activities and administration to national coordinator Orla Murphy at University College Cork.

DARIAH-EU facilitates long-term access to, and use of, all European Arts and Humanities digital research data. The DARIAH infrastructure is a connected network of people, information, tools, and methodologies for investigating, exploring and supporting work across the broad spectrum of the digital humanities.

Researchers use DARIAH to:

  • Find and use a wide range of research data from across Europe
  • Exchange knowledge, expertise, methodologies, and practices across domains and disciplines
  • Ensure that they work to accepted standards and follow best practices
  • Experience and innovate in collaboration with other scholars

DARIAH-EU operates through its European-wide network of Virtual Competency Centers (VCC). Each VCC is focused on a specific area of expertise, and are cross-disciplinary, multi-institutional and international. To learn more, please visit the DARIAH-EU website.