Design Thinking Book Launch

Design Thinking for Digital Wellbeing, Routledge, 2019 – the book was launched in University College Cork in January, Design Thinking for Digital Well-being deals with the core concepts of digital literacy, digital fluency and values fluency that are essential for anyone in the teaching profession. It is a source of support and guidance for all those involved in exploring the challenges of using technology to promote digital well-being.

Front cover image of the book Design Thinking fore Digital Wellbeing

With a unique focus on empathy-centric design thinking, and using a case study informed educational model of technological, pedagogical and content knowledge (TPACK), this expert guide:

• Explores the challenges that pupils (and teachers) face balancing their digital lives

• Supports the ‘wired generation’ in navigating the cyber sphere and understanding how their data are used

• Acknowledges the necessity of supporting the digital well-being of pupils (and teachers) to create a healthy and successful learning environment

• Promotes the effective use of technology to enhance teaching and learning

• Aids professionals in ensuring pupils enjoy digital literacy, digital fluency, values fluency and safety online