UKRI DH_UKIreland Workshop

October 22nd and 23rd 2020 Orla Murphy DARIAH Ireland National Coordinator co facilitated with Prof Claire Warwick, Durham University, the joint AHRC IRC workshops at DCU to co-create a call text for the international DH_UK Ireland community.

By bringing together the outstanding and complementary qualities of the Digital Humanities in both countries, it is anticipated that the funding programme will achieve a broad range of academic, societal and economic impacts, for example by:

  • Fostering new partnerships with the creative industries sector;
  • Enhancing public access to, and engagement with, cultural heritage;
  • Creating new standards in open access;
  • Supporting new learning, educational and professional skills.

The networks should take innovative, interdisciplinary approaches to explore the following broad and inclusive themes:

  • Digital Humanities,Emerging Technologies and Research Practices
  • Digital Humanities and Social Innovation
  • Digital Humanities, Cultural Heritage and the Creative Industries

These themes have been developed on the basis of outputs from a workshop which took place in Dublin from 22-23 October that convened leading Digital Humanities experts from both countries. 

The subsequent report is published here. The resulting call text is here – deadline Thursday 20 February, 2020.

See the Twitterfeed at #DH_UKIreland for more