ACERR Ireland Launch

The Arts and Culture in Education Repository at the Digital Repository of Ireland was launched in the Clock Tower at the Department of Education and Skills on September 23rd 2019 by the Secretary General of the Department an tUas Seán Ó Foghlú.

The Arts and Culture in Education Research Repository (ACERR) is an association of institutions committed to upholding the principles of the Arts in Education Charter, promoting Arts Education and Arts in Education Research. The ACERR has joined DRI as a member in order to securely deposit archive materials relating to arts in education in a trusted digital repository. Chaired by a Steering Group representing over 10 cultural and educational institutions, the ACERR intends to facilitate long-term preservation and publication of arts in education content from a broad range of backgrounds.

Joining DRI as a national repository is an important way to give a platform for this research:

  • Empowering Irish Arts Researchers to publish work of many dimensions (heterogenous datasets not A4)
  • Overcoming traditional barriers to publication for Arts practitioners &
  • Exclusion from metrics that have exclusion built in! 

Addressing persistent issues on:

  • Defined criteria for ‘measurement’ of success in the sector on ‘constructed’ models of value  (see also
  •   Citation
  •   Impact
  •   Key Performance Indicators 
  •   Necessary for advanced IRC funding proposals
  • Necessary for all Horizon and FP9 applications 
  •   Visibility  – augmenting and sustaining institutional repositories 
  • Federating nationally for international aggregation / visibility & service … 

Context: As researchers we are required to be at the cutting edge of knowledge, and in ERA terms, at the bleeding edge of the State of the Art (SoA) of best practice.  The SoA for funders in the EU is now Open Science. Moving beyond the Open Access agenda visible in plan S.